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Save the Oceans by building your own coral garden!
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Planting Corals?

Yes, it's possible!

With Coral Heroes you can now take part in the restoration of marine ecosystems and the safeguarding of coastal communities in a few clicks.

Adopt your coral, watch it grow through your dedicated space and monitor your impacts on the ocean and the local people that depend on it.

How it works:

Our field teams retrieve pieces of corals broken by currents or human activity and give them a chance of survival by installing them in our nurseries made from recycled and emission-free materials.

We build your underwater garden!

The Mission

Coral Heroes is an independent non-profit association dedicated to the restoration of worlwide coral reefs. Essentially, it creates links between local NGOs already active in the field and people wishing to participate in the safeguarding of our marine ecosystems.

By creating this link with local humanitarian organisations, the association gives them the opportunity to have a constant source of funding, enabling them to focus on their visions and enhance marine life and communities.

Key figures

Follow the global impacts of the nurseries installed thanks to you!


Corals planted




Recycled glass bottles

Our locations

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Tioman Island
Mantanani Island

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