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Plant your Coral

Every month, go to your “My Corals” page to discover the growth of your coral thanks to the photos taken by our teams present on site.

After one year your coral can follow its growth without maintenance . If you wish to continue the adventure by extending your subscription for a new year, you will keep your adult coral and have a new coral-baby planted in the nursery of your choice!

You will be able to follow the growth of your new corals as well as your old ones from your personal space.

corail parrainage

How much does it cost?

You can choose between paying the full amount for the year of maintenance of your coral
or one of our monthly payment plans:

  • Annual:

  • 60

    Plant your coral
    and watch it grow
    for a year!

  • Monthly:

  • 5

    Plant your
    first coral!

  • 10

    Plant two

  • 20

    Plant a whole block
    of 4 corals

  • 50

    Restore a piece of reef
    by planting 10 corals!

Coral Heroes uses the free HelloAsso service to collect your subscriptions, if you wish you can support them by giving them a tip. Tipping is optional, however.

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